TRAC has worked in public media since the 1970's, providing objective and insightful audience analysis for public television stations. Our ongoing study of Nielsen ratings, pledge data, online statistics, and qualitative insights from viewers keeps TRAC informed about media trends and new developments. TRAC's knowledge and research help stations to increase their audiences & membership, improve community visibility and support, and provide better public service.

TRAC understands the mission, goals and relationships in public media. We collaborate with stations, producers, and distributors to design and conduct research, and turn the knowledge gained into actionable information. TRAC clients include PBS, stations, producers, and distributors who want to know more about public media audiences, public media membership and pledge, general media trends and community engagement.

Our Products

Ratings Analysis Services tailored for stations, producers and underwriters

Carriage Services track plays of PTV programs for producers

Pledge Services help with scheduling, pitching and producing

Station Programming from simple advice to full-service scheduling

Custom Research ranging from community engagement to underwriting research

Know And Grow

TRAC’s Know & Grow will empower stations to tell public television’s story. The project fully explores the breadth and diversity of the public television audience. It provides the knowledge that is critical when discussing how PTV serves its communities. A number of stations have alrady discovered that an audience story that is very positive - Public TV has a diverse audience that serves all facets of our communities.

Knowing the audience is also important for part 2 of the project, growing the audience. Levels of frequency and time spent viewing can be improved when we truly understand our viewers and their behavior.

The end result will be more increased viewing, better fundraising, and more community service for stations that participate in the project.

See the results at knowandgrow.tracmedia.com


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